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Personal Details
Faculty Name:  Dr.Ranjani Parthasarathi
Designation:  Professor
Teaching Experience:  26 Years
Mobile No: 
E-Mail ID:  rp@annauniv.edu

Area of Expertise
Area of Expertise: 

Computer Architecture,Multicore Computing,Reconfigurable Computing,Adhoc Networks,Indian Knowledge System & Language Technology.

Educational Details
Name of the University 
Graduated in 
Algorithms for Optical Computing
IIT Madras
Electrical & Computer Engg.
Illinois Insitute of Tech. Chicago
B.E (Hons)
Electronics & Comm. Engg
University of Madras

1.   Shanthi A.P, and Parthasarthi R, (2008,) "Practical and Scalable Evolution of Digital Circuits" Applied Soft Computing Elsevier (under revision Hardware Support for .NET MicroFramework CLR Components, Sneha M, Sri Charanya D, Usha Bhuvaneswari R, Ranjani Parthasarathi, HiPC 2006, Poster session.   Posters
2.   Bama Srinivasan and Ranjani Parthasarathi, “Minoans Inspired Representation of sections", Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence.   International
3.   Bama Srinivasan and Ranjani Parthasarathi, “Towards a formation based on Minoans Theoretical computer science", B.S.Abdul Rahman University.  Workshops
4.   Bama Srinivasan and Ranjani Parthasarathi, "Mimamsa Inspired Representation of Actions (MIRA)", Fifth Indian International conference on Artificial Intelligence (IICAI).   International
5.   Bama Srinivasan and Ranjani Parthasarathi, “Towards a formalism of imperatives based on Mimamsa", National Conferene on Theoretical Computer Sceicne and Applications, B.S.Abdur Rahman University, India.   National Conference
6.   Bama Srinivasan and Ranjani Parthasarathi, "A formalism for action representation inspired by Mimamsa", Journal of Intelligent Systems.  International Journal
7.   Salini S K, Ramya A, Harikrishnan H, Bama S, Ranjani Parthasarathi, “Picture Dictonary for Vidya sagazr", 2nd National conference on Symentative and attentative communication and Assistive technology for Persons with Disabilities.  National Conference

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