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Personal Details
Faculty Name:  Dr.Uma Maheswari.V
Designation:  Professor
Teaching Experience:  24 Years
Mobile No:  9840339500
E-Mail ID:  umam_in@yahoo.com

Area of Expertise
Area of Expertise: 

Software System.

Educational Details
Name of the University 
Graduated in 
Computer Science & Engg.
Anna University
Computer Science & Engg.
IIT Madras
Madras University

1.   Shylaja B.S, Mary Anita Rajam, V. and Uma Maheswari, V. and Siromoney,A.(2011). "Optimal Next Hop Selection for Routing in VANETs based on Weighted Temporal Decision Systems", Journal of Computational and Information Systems, Vol. 7, No.2, 327-333.  International Journal
2.    Shylaja B.S, Mary Anita Rajam V. and Uma Maheswari V. and Siromoney A, "Performance Evaluation of Rough Set Theory Based Routing Protocols for vehicles moving at High Velocities", Accepted for Publication in International Journal. of Information Processing.  International Journal
3.    Shylaja B.S, Mary Anita Rajam V. and Uma Maheswari V. and Siromoney A.(2010). "Rough Set Theory based Routing for VANETs on highway Scenarios", The fourth International Conference on Information Processing (ICIP’2010),pp 172–177.  International
4.   Shylaja B.S, Mary Anita Rajam V,Uma Maheswari V and Arul Siromoney. "Performance Study of Threshold Variations in Temporal Decision Systems for Routing in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks", Journal of Computer Science, Vol.6, No. 12, 1473-1478.  International Journal
5.   Mary Anita Rajam V, Uma Maheswari V,Arul Siromoney. "Temporal Information Systems and their Applications to Mobile Ad Hoc Routing", Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Journal,Vol.3 No.4, pp. 29 - 40.  International Journal
6.   Mary Anita Rajam V, Uma Maheswari V,Arul Siromoney. "Extensions in Mobile Ad Hoc Routing Using Variable Precision Rough Sets", IEEE International Conference on Granular Computing, pages 237 - 240, 2007.  International

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